within our available offerings:

Send one of your rising managers or executives for training at the ALU School of Business

Work with us to transform your own organization’s leadership culture and improve the performance of your leadership teams through our corporate training programs

Entrust family members to receive world-class education & leadership development from one of our educational institutions in SA, Mauritius or Rwanda


with our people, students & staff:

Mentor a young leader from ALU or ALA

Provide internships to young leaders from ALA or ALU in your organization

Volunteer to teach at the ALU School of Business, serve as an ‘executive in residence’, or guest speaker at one of the institutions or during a leadership training program


in African talent:

Hire some of Africa’s most outstanding talent from the talent pool coming out of ALA, ALU, ALU School of Business, and other programs.

Invest in your own career and development with available courses from our School of Business

Invest in the success of a future leader through the African Leadership Finance Corporation