2014 Nairobi Regional Gathering

2014 Nairobi Regional Gathering

July 23, 2014   |   Nairobi, Kenya

Over 50 Kenyans and others from the region stepped away from their offices on Wednesday, July 23 to attend ALN’s regional gathering in Nairobi. The event kicked off with an icebreaker that had attendees connecting on a more personal level and was followed by insightful discussions on the challenges and solutions that face the region, led by NTV presenter Wallace Kantai. Sunny Bindra, a leadership guru, discussed six key lessons that new-generation leaders must consider as the growth of Africa continues. 

The passion that we have as a nation about growing Africa as we want it to be was clearly highlighted by the active participation of attendees. Research analytics provided by mSurvey enabled participants to interact with key business leaders on focused themes affecting the region.