Bringing together leaders from Africa and around the world

ALN is made up of hundreds of leaders from over 40 countries in Africa and around the world. 60% are CEOs and business leaders, while 40% are leaders in government, civil society, and academia. 70% are Africans on the continent, 20% are Africans in the diaspora, and 10% are non-Africans dedicated to creating prosperity in Africa.

ALN members share the following attributes:

Diversity. We actively seek out members from under-represented countries, industries, and genders to increase the diversity of our community

Leadership and influence. Members are typically the overall leader (CEO, MD, Executive Director, Government Minister, Founder, etc.) of an organization or have held such roles in the past.

Pan-African vision. All members are actively engaged in cross-border activity in Africa or have demonstrated interest in pan-African affairs.

Overall distinctiveness. ALN members tend to be considered one of the top 50-100 “most influential” young leaders in their country or on the continent.

If you’re interested in becoming an ALN member, contact us at for more details regarding the application process.