2014 Libreville Regional Gathering

2014 Libreville Regional Gathering

July 31, 2014   |   Libreville, Gabon

Over 50 Gabonese and other emerging leaders from the region assembled on Thursday, July 31 to participate in ALN’s regional gathering in Libreville. The day-long event was highly interactive and examined key leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development topics. The day balanced workshops on self-introspection with engaging dialogue on the external issues most relevant to these emerging leaders in Gabon. 

The day began with a networking program, followed by an introduction to ALN’s vision by CEO Isaac Kwaku Fokuo, Jr. Fabrice Nze-Bekale then shared his personal testimony as an active ALN member. Fabrice discussed ALN member collaborations and impactful initiatives that add value to entrepreneurs, highlighting the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship and ALN Ventures programs.

In the morning, Alim Ladha, former ALU CEO and McKinsey & Company Principal, led an insightful discussion on education opportunities in Africa. Later, he guided attendees through an internal analysis of self-discovery in a leadership workshop. Gabonese entrepreneurs were also invited to pitch their ventures and receive feedback and support from more experienced attendees.

Ibrahima Cheik Diong, founder and CEO of Africa Consulting and Trading (ACT) in Dakar, facilitated an engaging conversation on the challenges and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders in Gabon. The session led to positive debate resulting in a list of action items and opportunities aimed at enhancing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To conclude the day, the Gabonese Minister of Youth, Sports, and Leisure shared his insights on youth development and entrepreneurship. A networking cocktail followed and allowed participants to discuss learnings from the day and to continue to build fruitful relationships with others.