ALN Women

‘Together, We RISE’

ALN seeks to promote a platform that is inclusive and representative of all its members.
In 2017, we celebrated yet another step in this direction, by creating a dedicated forum for the promotion of women in our network.


Our members are men and women from diverse backgrounds with a shared goal, to utilise their knowledge, network and resources in a collaborative effort to support the advancement of Africa and its people. ALN Women is aligned with this overall objective — to support established leaders whilst growing the next generation of leaders for Africa.

We hope the network will be

  • A platform for committed and self-motivated people who support its shared objectives
  • An inclusive network of enthusiastic and committed volunteers
  • Focused on meaningful objectives & results that advance gender inclusive outcomes
  • Collaborative, providing a supportive community for the upliftment of women

We hope the network will not

  • Feel like an imposition on women, nor an obligation for anyone to join
  • Be a forum that is exclusive or exclusionary
  • Attempt to take on too many issues to become inadvertently unfocused
  • Identify problems without attempting to offer tangible solutions or influence change

How we live our values

  • We are individually and collectively positively passionate about Africa
  • We contribute in a multitude of ways through our work, community activities or network participation
  • We embrace the diversity in our network and seek to support one another as best we can
  • We share any knowledge, skill, experience or opportunity that may be helpful to another member
  • We celebrate one another’s successes

What has been achieved so far

  • Engagement with ALN Women through surveys, Whatsapp group, emails and conference calls on suggestions and ideas on how the network should evolve
  • Alignment and inclusion of ALN Women sessions within the ALN Gathering’s theme and overall agenda
  • Increased representation of women on panels and dedicated networking sessions at ALN2017
  • A supportive channel of Needs & Leads listings from, and for, ALN Women members

Our values: “Together We R.I.S.E”

What's next?

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