ALN Links

Start connecting with ALN members today!

We’re excited to share ALN Links, a unique online platform connecting ALN community members. ALN Links is intuitive, responsive, and dynamic, and will allow you to message other members and showcase your own profile.

(Please note: You have to be an ALN community member to create a profile.)

For more information check out our informational video:

To get started:


How do I create an account/sign in for the first time?

ALN Links is only for the ALN community. As an ALN community member, you’ll receive an invite via email through which you can register for ALN Links. Click on the button marked “Join Here”.

How do I update my profile?

On the ALN Links main menu, select My Account. Click on the button marked Edit My Profile to update your information.

How to find other members?

On the main menu, click Members.

How do I schedule a meeting?

On the main menu select Schedule a Meeting. You can add registered members to this meeting, and set a time through the app. The invitee will receive the invitation to meet through their ALN Links account.