The voice of Africa’s new-generation leaders.

African Leadership Network (ALN) is a membership community of the most dynamic and influential new-generation leaders in Africa. ALN creates and strengthens relationships between these leaders to encourage intra-African trade, investment, and collaboration. 

ALN is made up of over 1,500 members and alumni from over 40 countries who represent top leadership in the private sector, government, civil society, and academia. The ALN community includes recognized entrepreneurs, business executives, high-wealth investors, cultural leaders, high-impact social entrepreneurs, and leading government officials.

ALN offers opportunities for members to build relationships with one another year-round, including events (such as the flagship Annual Gathering, taking place in a different African city each November) and exclusive networking tools. ALN also invests in and celebrates entrepreneurship in Africa through ALN Ventures and the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship.

ALN was co-founded in 2010 by Acha Leke and Fred Swaniker, who were inspired after attending gatherings like the World Economic Forum, TED, and Clinton Global Initiative. Acha and Fred recognized that Africa was often on the periphery in these powerful global networks and identified a need to create a pan-African network that would place Africa’s emerging leaders front and center—and ALN was born.

ALN is part of the AL Group, along with African Leadership Academy, ALU, and Africa Advisory Group.

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