Improvisation, Conviction, Leadership: ALN2016 Day 2


ALN Women Gathering: All women at the gathering are invited to a networking and brainstorming  session tomorrow to discuss the setting up of ALN Women.

Time: 17:00-18:00 (prior to the Closing Dinner & White Party)

Location: The Westin (Room:TBA)


Improvisation, conviction, women, elders and millennials: these were the themes that underlined the second day of ALN2016. We began the day in two parallel workshops. In the Managing Maturing Organisations session, we looked at how rhythm, routine and rituals are essential tools for building a sustainable organizational culture and leading. In the Virtue, Value and Vision session, we learned that “Great leadership sits at the nexus of virtue (character), value (competence) and vision (gives direction).”


Later on in the day, Grammy award winning jazz musician Kirk Whalum beautifully led us through a musical experiential that helped us discover what makes leadership an art. He said, “the individuality of the artist is like a fingerprint. Likewise, someone’s leadership style is just theirs. It’s the fingerprint in art that makes the difference.” he also reminded us to make the time to build relationships with the people on our teams so we develop the unspoken language that allows us to trust them and improvise when curveballs are thrown. What did you take away from Kirk’s keynote? How can you apply some of the tools he outlined in your own company/organization?


Then, we moved on to explore the different dimensions of leading, as an African elder, woman, and millennial. We wrote books based on the different identities and heard about chapters such as “I don’t want your toothbrush” (Elders) and “complementary not competition” (Women).


In the afternoon, you heard from Strive Masiyiwa, Founder and Executive Chairman of Econet, and partner with ALN in implementing the Africa Business Fellowship. In a conversation with Fred, he said, “we don’t want you to think of Africa as an exotic place. We make decisions in the same way everyone else makes decisions.” We then had a graduation ceremony for the inaugural year ABF class. Congratulations to all fellows! We are currently recruiting 2017 host companies, please email aashebir@africanleadershipnetwork.com if interested in joining the programme.


The day was capped with the much awaited Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship. The premier entrepreneurship awards ceremony in Africa, AAE2016 recognized Mike Quinn, Zoona (Social Entrepreneur), Dr Ernest Darkoh, Broadreach Healthcare (Growing Business),  Chukwuwezam Obanor, PrepClass (Young Entrepreneur), Stephen Saad, Aspen Pharmacare (Transformative Entrepreneur).


Looking forward to tomorrow!


10:30 – 12:30 The Art of Leading Innovation … (Plenary tent, Westin Lawn): Explore the art of leading innovation in Education, In our Cities or In talent Management. All these will take place concurrently on the Plenary Tent, Westin Lawn.

14:30 – 16:30 The Art of Leading Change (Plenary tent, Westin Lawn): Discover insights about the art of leading in Africa and beyond. Get ready to be pushed to reveal the artist within, lead with others and respond to change.

18:30 – 23:55 Closing Dinner & White Party (Mystique): Bring out the white garb and get ready to have fun at the ALN signature white party.

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