ALN CEO Reflects on the Changes in Sino-African Relations

In the following CNN oped, African Leadership Network CEO Isaac Fokuo Jr. outlines the changing face of China-Africa relations. He views the slowdown in extractivist activities as an opportunity to improve the relationship, in terms of local employment opportunities, capacity building, knowledge transfers, and risk management.

“There’s no denying that a drop in demand for commodities in China has led to a drop in investments in Africa. Nevertheless, there are signs that the country may be taking a fresh approach towards its economic engagement with Africa (the boldest one came last Friday), and this could result in greater interdependence and mutual benefit for both regions. But all the impetus to change can’t lie just with China. If Africa is to benefit from its biggest partner long term, African governments, firms and professionals have to think strategically about what they want from this relationship.”

Read more here: http://cnn.it/1ICVO2z

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