ALN Member Elizabeth Gould’s Project codeX Trains Africa’s Next Generation of Tech Leaders

​Coding is fast becoming the most important tool for empowering the next generation of African leaders. Code has become an equalizing global lingua franca, with the ability to make the best ideas a reality, irrespective of the age or location of the coder. In this light, codeX, launched by ALN Member Elizabeth Gould, is providing an in demand service by making coding education accessible to young Africans. No longer will you have to turn to Silicon Valley for coding talent. You will soon be able to find the requisite skills in a qualified African Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to supercharge your ideas here on the continent. Gould explains further below:


“At the end of each 3-month term of codeX, which is training a new generation of African coders, we do a hackathon to consolidate and cement the coders’ learning in a fun, fast, 4 day process prototyping solutions to real problems. This round, we were psyched to work with Silicon Valley’s favorite unicorn, Uber, to help them solve the problem of long queues at their Partner Centre for Uber drivers in Johannesburg:

We would love to work with ALN members on coding projects and hackathons, putting our bright young minds to work to come up with African solutions to African problems.

Get in touch here if you have projects you’d like to work with us on!”

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