Lindiwe Mazibuko Shares Her Reflections After ALN2015

While in transit back to the US from our Annual Gathering in Marrakech, Lindiwe Mazibuko shared her insights inspired by ALN2015 on the divergent trajectories of South Africa and Nigeria with BDLive:

“Over four hot days and chilly nights I have listened to countless young Burundian, Ivorian, Moroccan, Nigerian, Senegalese, Ghanaian and many, many more leaders from across the continent express their disappointment in what is perceived to be the downward trajectory of [South Africa’s] prospects for growth and prosperity…

…comparisons by delegates between the divergent trajectories of SA and Nigeria seemed irresistible: the story of the former in decline seemed to be mirrored by that of the latter on the rise.”

Click here to view the full article.

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