The Finalists for AAE’s Outstanding Growing Business Award Are Logiciel Limited, Paga, and Snapplify

The Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship: Outstanding Growing Business award is given to an entrepreneur who has exhibited exceptional ability to power prosperity in Africa. Winners must have established a business with revenues between USD $500,000 and USD $5 million. This year’s finalists are Snapplify, Paga, and Logiciel Limited. All represent outstanding African companies that have exceeded expectations to create [adj] businesses. Snapplify is a content and media technology company focusing on content distribution and mobile publishing.  It is the largest eBook aggregator in Africa with content from more than 250 leading publishers, over 100,000 aggregated titles, and 600+ resellers and online stores. Snapplify is backed by AngelHub, and plans to grow and scale across the continent of Africa. Says Snapplify CEO Wesley Lynch, “As the largest eBooks aggregator in Africa, Snapplify is transforming the way content is being consumed on the continent.”

Based out of Nigeria, Paga’s core offering is a mobile money transfer service. By using Paga, customers can send money to anyone with a mobile phone. Paga was founded in early 2009 on the belief that the ubiquity of mobile phones can be leveraged to bring financial services to all Africans. It aims to accomplish its plans by working in partnership with select banks, microfinance institutions, and all mobile network operators. Paga’s mission is to bring financial services within reach of millions of Africans. Paga’s CEO, Tayo Oviosu, remarks that,”Paga’s payment ecosystem is making life easier for millions of Nigerians by making it possible to pay and get paid. We believe no society can be successful without a universally accessible payment system.” Recently, Paga raised USD $13 million in Series B financing, indicating its continued appeal to investors.

Logiciel Limited, out of Ghana, started by building institutional structures, processes, systems and services that provide holistic transformational development to Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), through its cloud based software platform solution and capacity development programme. It is now an innovative technology and services company that delivers core banking, mobile banking and cash management mobilisation platforms in Ghana. Over the past two years, Logiciel Limited has implemented a number of changes in its product structure, services and corporate governance to promote growth, efficiency, productivity, profitability and sustainability. Logiciel Limited plans to expand to service clients throughout sub-Saharan Africa. CEO Derrick Dankyi sums it up by saying, “[Logiciel Limited] uses technology to transform lives.”

These relatively new African companies have defied the boundaries between mature and new businesses, achieving revenue streams in a short amount of time usually associated with older companies. Congratulations to this year’s Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship Outstanding Growing Business Finalists!

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