Three Finalists Make the Cut for AAE’s Mature Business Award

The African Leadership Network is devoted to powering prosperity on the African continent. In line with this mission, ALN has hosted the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship beginning in 2012. Since its inception by the Legatum Group in 2007, AAE has disbursed nearly USD $2 million in award money to 35 outstanding African businesses that are leading the charge to innovate and create change on the continent. Home-grown African businesses are often under-recognized; AAE helps to change this, by shining a spotlight on African entrepreneurs successfully beating the odds to sustain successful businesses. Businesses nominated for the Outstanding Mature Business award are established, and have sustainable revenue and profit streams. They are stable members of their respective communities, providing jobs and needed services to many. This year’s finalists include TA Telecom, based in Egypt, Astro Mobile, based in Zimbabwe, and mi-Fone based in South Africa.

TA Telecom develops mobile apps and provides services to corporates that help them manage and build out their platforms. TA Telecom clients include regional telecom operators, brands, and NGOs. It services more than 10 million users in the Middle East and African mobile markets. Through TA Telecom, clients in Africa are able to access contextually driven mobile applications.

Astro Mobile is a large ecommerce company and a mobile and electronic solutions provider with branches across Africa. Astro Mobile focuses on the convergence of mobility and software development, and is also the leader in the provision of relevant and cost effective mobile solutions in Africa. With Astro Mobile devices, African clients are able to purchase mobile devices designed in tandem with their software.

mi-Fone is the first African mobile device brand, founded in 2008 by Alpesh Patel. mi-Fone was created out of a passion to empower and educate mass market African consumers by providing affordable access to mobile technology. By placing millions of low cost mobile devices into the hands of African consumers, mi-Fone is unlocking productivity thereby powering prosperity. Through its competitive price point and good quality, mi-Fone is able to provide Africans ‘Aspiration-within-Reach.’

Countless businesses start up in Africa, but few have the staying power of these three finalists. Congratulations!


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