Tabitha Karanja and Manoj Shankar Recognized for Building Transformational African Businesses

The Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship (AAE) recognizes business leaders who demonstrate innovation, profitability and excellence while serving as role models to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. In particular, the Transformational Business Award is given to an African entrepreneur who has contributed to the prosperity of those around him or her, by building a business with revenues greater than USD $50 million. These types of enterprises are crucial to the future growth and health of Africa’s various economies and markets. Without entrepreneurship, the future prosperity of Africans, ensured not through aid dollars but trade dollars, is left uncertain. The middle class in Africa is growing due to increased investment and economic activity across the continent.  Home-grown African companies are increasingly seeking to innovate and push boundaries, opening up businesses and servicing markets that previously were monopolized by large multinationals.

This year’s AAE will be held on 5 November at the African Leadership Network’s Annual Gathering in Marrakech, Morocco. Tabitha Karanja, CEO of  Keroche Breweries and Manoj Shankar, CEO of Techno Brain have been selected as  finalists for the Transformational Business Award. Keroche Breweries is a local wine, spirits and beer company based in Kenya. It offers consumers quality beverages at a low price point, thereby scooping up an underserved market segment, untapped by larger liquor companies. Says Karanja, “Africa is rising. We can all do it. We must be brave enough to get out of our comfort zones, take risks, think big, be innovative and remain focused on the big picture.”
Techno Brain is based in Tanzania, and is an innovative IT company providing software, training, and content management support. Techno Brain employs internationally recognized programs and standards to conduct top notch IT training on the continent of Africa, thereby empowering its clients to access increased prosperity. In regard to the prize, Shankar reflects, “I see great passion every day with the young talented individuals I work with…I am really fortunate that I have an opportunity to make a difference in Africa by empowering lives.” With innovative businesses such as Keroche Breweries and Techno Brain, Africans can continue to look inward to find transformational corporate success stories.



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