Why I am Excited to Join ALN: Zanetor Ageyman-Rawlings

I believe that we need to build up a critical mass of sons and daughters of Africa who share the vision of the restoration of the continent to her rightful place; the rediscovery of ourselves as Africans can only occur by our own design. I believe that synergy between members of the African Leadership Network will help to realize this vision, which the continent so desperately needs.

Since members of ALN are change-makers by instinct, we have the opportunity and the means to catalyse this paradigm shift in Africa. Now more than ever, we need people who are bold and honest to drive the evolution of the continent in a meaningful and lasting way.

My excitement in joining ALN stems from the fact that, in spite of the levels of despair, poverty, and corruption that are bringing Africa to her knees, we have members from all over the continent who believe in a bright future; this generation has not lost hope, rather, they see problems as opportunities to give back and be part of the solution.

All of us have a duty to give the best of what we have acquired through our life experiences gained from our education and work lives to the continent and her peoples. The sacrifices of those who came before us must not be for naught; otherwise, the fight for the independence of every nation on the continent will have been pyrrhic.

Mother Africa must have her self-worth restored, and I believe this forum is one of the ways to achieve this noble goal. It is truly exciting to be amongst like-minded individuals who understand the meaning of the phrase, ‘we are many, yet we are one’.

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