2015 New Member Nomination

New Member Nomination


Please fill out the form below to nominate a candidate for ALN’s 2015 class of members. Nominees should meet the membership criteria:

Senior in career, young in age. Members are senior professionals but who have achieved their senior positions despite being relatively ‘young’ (especially in an African sense!). Members elected into ALN are typically between the ages of 30 and 45.

Diversity. We actively seek out members from under-represented countries, industries, and genders to increase the diversity of our community.

Leadership and influence. Members are typically the overall leader (CEO, MD, Executive Director, Government Minister, Founder, etc.) of an organization or have held such roles in the past. If not an overall leader, members are the highest-ranking young person in the organization.

Pan-African vision. All members are actively engaged in cross-border activity in Africa or have demonstrated interest in pan-African affairs.

Overall distinctiveness. ALN members tend to be considered one of the top 50-100 “most influential” young leaders in their country or on the continent.

Once we have received your nomination, we will contact the nominee directly to establish mutual interest in proceeding with membership. Nominees are then proposed to the Selection Committee, who will conduct a full review of all candidates. Official membership invitations will be sent to successful candidates.

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