Kicking off ALN Ventures’ first ALN Annual Gathering

The Ventures team is in Kigali this week for #ALN2014.

Our parent organization, African Leadership Network (ALN), is the foremost community of young CEOs and other influencers from across Africa. ALN members are admitted to the community on the strength of their extraordinary achievements, as well as their confirmed commitment to a more prosperous Africa. Five years in a row, they have met for an Annual Gathering, where they connect with one another and build bridges across the continent.

The impetus for the creation of ALN Ventures came from last year’s Annual Gathering in Mauritius. At that event, the members of ALN collectively noted that entrepreneurs across Africa still struggle to secure the capital and mentorship required to scale their businesses. That was an important observation, but it was just the beginning. Because they also pledged to leverage on their own resources to begin resolving the problem. Thus, ALN Ventures was born. Since the Mauritius gathering, we’ve built a team tasked with:

  • identifying the best early-stage entrepreneurs on the continent
  • accelerating them, and
  • connecting them with ALN, to get them access to the capital and mentorship they need to unlock their potential

That means this is the first Annual Gathering for the Ventures team. And even though it’s just kicking off, we’re loving what we’re seeing. We’re seeing first-hand that ALN isn’t just about bringing together accomplished leaders and celebrating their achievements. It’s about building relationships between those leaders and building a community, that amplifies the impact of its members, and advances the shared vision of a more prosperous Africa.

It’s a privilege to be here. And seeing the dynamism of the ALN community drives home how important the Ventures program is. Because connecting entrepreneurs to ALN is about connecting them to a movement that is aligned in terms of its values, its proven leadership, and its willingness to support early-stage entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.

So if you’ve got a business or a business idea, we hope you’ll consider applying for our program. If you’d like to recommend someone, drop us an email with their contact info. We’d love to show you what the support of the ALN community can do for entrepreneurs!

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