#ALN2014: New member arrivals

It was with great excitement that ALN announced its ‘Class of 2014” a few months ago, and it was with great anticipation that we welcomed them to their first ALN Annual Gathering!

We kicked off with a new member orientation and dinner, where new members connected as a group for the first time. And what better way to do that than a round of New Member Bingo?

This gathering will move you by the stories that will be shared. It will humble you. And it will agitate you to action.

— ALN board member Marang Denalane

The orientation and dinner were attended by approximately 45 new members from all over Africa and the world at the Aberdeen, a beautiful boutique hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. MC’s Steve Boehlke and Veda Sunassee wasted no time in breaking the ice with a bingo game which necessitated members getting to know more each other quickly. Later, each table was also asked to share their story with others in the group. Each table then selected one member story to tell, and another member of the group was challenged to share that story with everyone on their behalf.

ALN’s CEO Isaac Fokuo officially welcomed guests and shared the story of his involvement and personal journey with ALN over the last 5 years. Co-founders Acha Leke and Fred Swaniker described their reasons for launching the network and their vision for the future. Board member and chair of the New Member Selection Committee Marange Denalane told members more about the ‘behind the scenes’ process for new member selection this year and about the many candidates that were reviewed.

It was an inspiring evening and we feel privileged to have so many members of the exceptional new ALN ‘Class of 2014” present.

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