ALN Ventures: Lessons from the Lagos Buildathon

We asked our Lagos #ALNVBuildathon participants what they learned in the course of a half day’s work last week. Here are some of this highlights of what we heard back:

“Activate a real marketing channel for your product and communicate clearly” —@future4Christ

“I learnt that figures are very important, do your research, know your figures” —@frankdfreak

“Speaking to others about your business helps!” —@IfooAfrica

“I learnt about the importance of understanding your niche market.” —@Okolapo

“Great experience at the ALN Ventures #Buildathon. I learnt different angles to improve my idea from.” —@IwekaKingsley

“Importance of backing your investment request with a whole strategy, BP, ROI”—@BoyerAure

“Learnt to get my idea out in the open, share with people and get honest feedback/criticism.” —@tenibeauty

“#ALNVBuildathon was really an eye-opener. I learnt how to talk concisely about my business” —@Zitera

“#ALNVBuilathon It was great connecting with fellow entrepreneurs today!” —@entrepre_news

“Be clear with your business proposition and where the money/market is.” —@ayoodeji

“I was never able to speak to a stranger about my business, but I could engage in the workshop by speaking to @PEP about putting my products in their stores” —@idongharrie

“I grew the confidence to talk & pitch my idea in a concise manner.” —@ihesiepeter

“To focus on the product, customer satisfaction, and the market, and not just focus on competitors.” —@ticketmypal

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