ALN Ventures mentor profile: Joshin Raghubar

Company: iKineo

Industries: Management consulting, Marketing, Consumer

Want to know who in South Africa advises Telkom, Sanlam, Nike, Jack Daniel’s, and Dom Perignon on customer engagement? That would be iKineo, a firm that’s been acknowledged as one of South Africa’s most promising entrepreneurial companies. Joshin founded it, and he’s a part of the ALN Ventures community.

As if creating one of the coolest customer-focused advisory shops on the continent weren’t enough, Joshin also occupies leadership roles in a bunch of other influential organizations: Bandwidth BarnCape Information Technology Initiative and the South African Chamber of Commerce in America. He is also the co-founder of Sprout, South Africa’s leading online performance firm.

Do you dream about creating consumer & retail companies when you go to sleep at night? If so, apply for our accelerator today: we’ve got great minds in this space that can support your business. We also welcome entrepreneurs from other industries. If you’re keen to know more about Joshin, check out the iKineo website, and this piece he wrote for ALN Insights. You can follow iKineo on Twitter at @iKineo. While you’re in the neighborhood, we hope you’ll follow @ALNVentures, too!

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